In the EXTOR Warehouse, the goods come the order picker. This increases the delivery times.

Our basic solution consists of:
> Analysis and simulation of yout situation to define your current and future needs
> Support structure for the products to be stored, which is combined with the driving structure for the shuttles
> The shuttles that load and unload the goods and bring them to the comissioning point
> The containers
> The infrastructure
> The control system

Automatic tire warehouse


consumer goods (Food/Pet-Food, Non-Food)
Technical consumer goods
Glas / ceramics
DIY und gardening
Office supplies
household goods
Elektronics, computing, telecommunication, photography
Pharmaceutics and cosmetics
Toys und baby products
Fashion, accessories, sporting goods
Books and phonograms
Coffeeshops and food service
Industrial products (tools, C-articles, electrical installation)

Special features


> Sorter function
> serving frequencies up to 15 bins per minute per picking station
> High driving speed of up to 5 m/s
> Fast lifting and lowering
> Optimized storage space allocation according to demand frequency
> Only ground-level movements (except for raising and lowering the containers)
> No reloading of the containers
> Quick set up of warehouses due to pre-assembled modules of the driving and supporting structure


> Highest space economy due to extremely compact storage
> Different items per container possible
> warehouse largely adaptable to structural conditions
> Low requirements for hall floor
> Disassambling and relocation of the supporting and driving structure possible


> Energy recuperation
> 24×7 operation possible
> Low operating costs
> Relatively low capital expenditures
> No unproductive battery charging times
> Low costs for maintenance and repair by ‘Proven Technologies’